Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Quilled Edelweiss Flowers for Oktoberfest

This item I quilled for a friend who gave me her precious quilling paper because I was leaving for Germany where I can't find so much of it. Again, I used the things around me for inspiration. This time it was the Edelweiss flower so common in jewelry and decor surrounding Oktoberfest this time of year. I made the leaves of the fern-like stems at the bottom of the arrangement using the teeth of a comb.

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Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Quilled wheat and poppies

Lately I've been making quilling pieces based on things I see around me here in the Munich, Germany area. One thing I've noted is the beauty of the bright red poppies that grow on the edges of wheat fields. Using a technique from Kativilaga to make the wheat strands, here's what I turned out for a friend who sends me "care" packages from the States:

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Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Quilled Octoberfest Cookies

It's nearing Oktoberfest here in Munich, and the Lederhosen and Dirndl (traditional women's costume) are proliferating. In addition, you can see giant gingerbread cookies decorated with festive colors and sweet phrases. These cookies are souvenirs and gifts; they aren't meant to be eaten. The cookies are very hard and the icing really doesn't taste very good. Here's an example of a display you might see at Oktoberfest (photo not mine):
 Oktoberfest Herzen
What does that have to do with my quilling? Well, in keeping with my latest efforts to find inspiration from things around me for my quilling, I came up with the idea of quilling some of these cookies. They, too, make great gifts and I am working on a "cookie" for each of my friends here.

Here are my efforts so far:
The cookies in the first photo are about 12 inches wide; mine are about four inches. These would make wonderful placecards at an Oktoberfest-themed party or tags for wrapped gifts.

I am thrilled that my quilled facsimiles came together so well. I'm really enjoying designing my own creations these days instead of following a pattern.

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Wednesday, September 3, 2014

3D Quilled Cake and Coffee Card

Here is a birthday card I recently quilled for a dear friend in Germany. Hilde's passion and talent is baking cakes and tortes. Because she is old-school German, she serves up her delicious goodies to friends and family at the traditional coffee hour, 3 or 4pm.

Since she has always thought about opening a cafe, I made her one:
 Here's a couple of closeups of the items in the card:


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