Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Punched Copper

I needed a screen for my salt lamp during the night. So, I got a sheet of copper and punched out a design of "Om," a religious symbol for Hindus and Buddhists and also a mantra many people chant during meditation. Here's the process:

The copper sheet was the size of a sheet of printer paper. I found an "Om" symbol online that I liked and printed it out that same size. I put the printout over the copper and traced it with a dull, rounded pencil to make lines on the copper. Here's what that looked like:

Then I used an ice pick to punch out the outer lines and a quilling needle (of course) to punch out all the inner lines. That looked like this:

So when I put it in front of the salt lamp in the darkened room, I got this:

Neat, huh? I'm going to mount it with two or three other opaque panels and make a screen that will sit around the lamp. When I solve that puzzle, I'll post it.

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