Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Catching You Up on Quilling Projects

It's not that I haven't been quilling, it's that I haven't updated this blog! 
The last post was in May, so here are a lot of the things that I've made. 

My wonderful friend Lauren came up with a scheme to dip my quilling into clear acrylic and attach backs and hangers on them to make jewelry and ornaments. Darned if they aren't just precious! She is even selling them to her friends! Who knew? Most of the items you see here and some of my other things are now "Dip-Quills" and are available for sale as earrings, pendants and ornaments. Let me know if you are interested in something like that. They make fantastic Christmas presents. Most items are only $7.50 each (i.e., $15 per pair of earrings). Some of the more complicated items would be more, of course. You can also get dip-quilled ornaments from items in my previous posts.

So here are my things:
A Father's Day card for Adi. Because of this I found out that Germany's Father's Day is earlier than the one in the USA. (I was late!)

Not necessarily in chronological order, here is the Mother's Day card I made for Hilde:

Bunches of snowflakes have materialized at my needle:




Some more roses:

A duck or two (makes great girls' earrings):

A butterfly with a tail like a kite that now hangs at Hilde's window (the tail is made from quilled roses):

This hanging is completely my own design. It's about 3 feet long - the tail is roses on a ribbon:


I have discovered gilded paper. It has gold edging on one side and makes the most beautiful things! I made colorful versions of one of my favorite snowflake designs and hung them on bottles of wine that I also made for party favors:

I tried my hand at 3D miniatures:

And, of course, now it's Christmas:


Happy holidays!

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At November 23, 2010 at 2:44 PM , Anonymous Ann said...

You weren't kidding you have been quilling! So glad you're having fun with it. Everything looks lovely!


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