Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Quilled Thanksgiving Turkey Placecard Instructions

Happy Thanksgiving to my American homies! In honor of the occasion, I'm posting photos of the placecards I made for my Thanksgiving dinner this year. My guests will be from Germany, Australia and Spain. I'll actually serve my dinner on Saturday, November 29 because I live in Germany and we all have to work on Thursday. I can't wait to introduce them to the American Thanksgiving feast!

Here is a shot of all the placecards:

Here are the details about how to make the turkeys:
Feathers (make five):
4" yellow
8" dark brown
8" deep red
8" orange
Glue colors together in the order listed. Make five large teardrops, with two of the teardrops slightly smaller than the other three. The smaller teardrops are the bottom feathers.

24" dark brown
Press the coil into a modified half-circle with rounded "points" protruding slightly.

3/4" yellow
Fold into feet

12" light brown
Coil and press into head shape. It will look somewhat like a fish!

1.5" yellow
Coil and press into triangle.

2" red
Make a teardrop.

Assemble the birds as shown. I varied the position of the feet and heads to give each its own personality.

And here's a shot of the back of the cards. I went primitive and drew stick pilgrims (pilgrim boy for the men and pilgrim girl for the women) along with a different happy affirmation for each:

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