Monday, April 9, 2012

Quilled Orchids and More

Here is a series of quilling project I've done over the course of the last few months. My latest piece de la resistance is a pot of orchids I made for a friend's Easter gift. I eagerly used the pattern and ideas of Alli Bartkowski in her new book Quilled Flowers: A Garden of 35 Paper Projects. And I tweaked it a little, too. The coffee mug in the photo is for scale.

Detail of the flowers:

Here's a posey I made with Alli's original pattern for the orchid bloom:

In keeping with the Easter theme, here's a bunny:

and what I call the GoonyBird (based on a card I saw on Stephanie's Designs blog by someone named Anita):

I started to make a 3D snowflake out of 3/8" paper, but it began to droop terribly. I stopped with only this much, but the droop turned into a pleasing effect:

A little angel based on something I saw at Aquamarine Crafts blog:

A very dark blue snowflake that looks black based on a design by Stephanie Sanchez - I saw the pattern on Ann Martin's allthingspaper blog:

A colorful butterfly emulating one by Celia Louie of Crafting Creatures:

Dragonfly like ones I saw at Quilled Inspirations:

Here is a string of fish I made for some friends who own a restaurant in Germany well known for its local catches. I based the designs on those of my quilling guru Ann Martin of the All Things Paper blog:

A flower thingy based on something I saw by Charlotte Canup on The Art of Quilling blog:

A bunch of grapes based on some I saw at Elizabeth's Creations Studio - these make great gifties for wine lovers:

I love the way this Monarch turned out. It's based on one I saw on Inna's Creations blog. I will probably never make another. It was so detailed and had so many teeny, tiny parts. I added a tail of folded roses to bring attention to it.

I made this as a Mother's Day gift. The recipient used it for a corsage for the afternoon!

I dig this peacock based on a card I saw on Inna's Creations blog:

Another design I borrowed from Ann Martin. She designed this pear tree for a holiday card:


A weird scrolly thing:

Please note that I troll Internet images for ideas and designs to use. I try to attribute the source where I can, but I don't always remember where I got them. I thank the makers nonetheless! There are so many talented quillers out there. Do your own image search just for a pleasant pasttime the next time you have a few minutes. I hope you've enjoyed my creations!

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